Some convincing reasons to help you get your mind around letting your mind off the hook for awhile! 

Why We Travel

Pico Iyer

This brilliant essay informs us of the true value of travel, describing travel as something akin to a love affair. "All the great travel books are love stories, by some reckoning — from the Odyssey and the Aeneid to the Divine Comedy and the New Testament — and all good trips are, like love, about being carried out of yourself and deposited in the midst of terror and wonder."

On the Ground with a Gap Year

Gregory Kristof

Gregory Kristof, the son of New York Times Op-Ed contributor Nicholas Kristof, describes both his year abroad and his motivtion for deviating from the beaten path and taking a year to discover his true interest. I wanted more. "I wanted to see how the other half lived, to learn the things that weren’t found in books, to live a phantasmagoria of unforgettable experiences," and so Gregory took a gap year.

Time out or burn out for the next generation

This extensive article on the Harvard Admissions page evaluates the positive effects of taking time to let your mind rest.

This Harvard Magazine article explains the science behind taking a gap year. It explains what taking time off does to your brain and why it's beneficial.

This article in Occupational Outlook Monthly details the pros and cons of taking time off, while providing a hefty list of resources for a prospective gapper.

As its title suggests, this article lists the benefits and effects of taking time off to enjoy something, anything, apart from academic acheivement.

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